Couture Wedding Chair

We were super excited to design and make two beautiful chairs for Ellie Sanderson’s Christmas windows. Ellie Sanderson has two incredibly stunning wedding dress boutiques. One in Beaconsfield and one in Oxford. Her boutiques have become THE place to buy your dress in the Home Counties and, with a string of awards for customer service, business acumen and shop presentation we could not place our chairs in a better location.

Ellie has had the shop in Beaconsfield for 10 years so she has designed many Christmas windows and her experience has told her that bold is best. So the brief was to design two chairs to work under a sweeping arch of branches and some colourful presents were to be tumbling over the chair. The colours were to be plums,reds and golds. The rest was left pretty much up to us. We approached the design in a different way as it was for a window display rather than a wedding. For a wedding we may have chosen softer more delicate details but for a display the chair needed to be bold and more theatrical.

We wanted to incorporate a fabric with the effect of fur to add warmth and a real sumptuous feel. We wanted the chair to look like a cosy winter fur you would wrap yourself in on a cold christmas night. We designed each chair to be slightly different but to complement each other. We chose a luxury purple fur and a gold silk which was to be pleated. On the outside back of one chair we chose to add snowflakes to the pleated fabric. On the other design we suspended snowflakes in the area behind the seat.To finish the chair off we created a kind of wreath effect around the front of the frame with foliage and berries. No Christmas gift is complete without a gift tag so we designed our own special present tag which was tied on with a gold ribbon.

We are sure our Christmas brides will be inspired by the design and whether they go for the whole look or maybe elements such as the fur we look forward to creating some winter wonderland couture chairs.

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