The Couture Chairs team love designing and the design process underpins every process until the finished product is delivered.  The team all come together to discuss projects, this is where the endless upholstery possibilities are challenged and the team make almost anything work for their clients.

Jo’s background as an Art Director in graphic design and advertising, and later her career in the interiors industry, has meant she has picked up various design skills.  She has experience in product branding and layout as well as creative ideas for press and TV advertising. 

In more recent years she has become accustomed to working with colour, fabric and various finishing touches to create a balanced and harmonious interior schemes.  She has an incredible eye for colour and can be quite daring with her choices but she also has the ability to be incredibly subtle.  This skill lends itself beautifully to Couture Chairs.  The elements all come together to bring to life the idea and create something truly exquisite.

Marks design background is much more about form and structure. Having spend years working as an upholsterer and running his own business creating bespoke sofa’s his mind is all about the design and construction.  He can craft almost anything and is not afraid to try new things and attempt to make something that has not been made before. He is fearless and his design approach and believes anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

He has extensive knowledge of antique furniture and the period in which it was constructed and techniques of its construction. He understand fabrics and how that react, drape and behave so nothing comes as a surprise.  It’s clear that these broad range of skills is what makes Couture Chairs produce such unique and stunning pieces.

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