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It’s really scary when months of preparation consideration and hard work finally come together in one day and if that day doesn’t go to plan it can effect everything you are trying to achieve. It was the morning of our shoot and our feelings were mixed with excitement and nerves. Had we remembered everything? Would we be able to get all our shots in the time allotted? We had a lot to do in one day.

We were on location for half the day and then at our studio and workshop for the second part. I had not experienced a photoshoot since my advertising days where I was lucky to work with some top photographers and shoot famous products like Volkswagen. This was a totally different experience to those days as this time I was the client and not the art director.  I was totally planning on having my say and expressing my ideas during the shoot though….of course!

I quickly felt at ease when we arrived on location to meet an incredibly smiley and bubbly Kelly Jo. I had seen Kelly Jo’s portfolio.  I loved her versatility and fresh feel to her work but this was the first time we’d actually met. I knew straight away the day was going to be a success. She was warm and friendly and easy to work with.

We then over a coffee ran through the plan for the day with Danielle Dunn our Marketing and PR girl.  We were on a tight schedule but Danielle had meticulously planned each shot in detail prior to the day so we had a clear plan and we were ready to start setting up.

Eric our fantastically talented florist who runs Stemtation in Henley was making the final touches to the fresh flower chairs, making sure they looked totally perfect. Both Mark and I were thrilled with how amazing the chairs looked. You have an idea and hope other people think it’s as good as you do. Then you work towards making that idea a reality . I’m totally thrilled with what we have achieved. I truly believe our wedding chairs will really add that extra elegant touch to someone’s special day whether it’s a huge grand affair or an exquisite small gathering.

After shooting the wedding tables we moved onto our stunning outdoor couture armchairs. These looked amazing with the backdrop of a modern summer house and even the inquisitive rabbit thought they were great ! We love the shot where Kelly Jo captures her hopping about having a sneaky peak!

Our whole team was on site.  The boys were moving chairs around and setting up the props and Luke, who is studying A level photography, was assisting Kelly Jo and making sure each chair was positioned correctly and that the chairs were represented to the best of our ability.

After a long day we had successfully nailed every shot. The team had all pulled together and worked incredibly hard. Mark and I were both so pleased Kelly Jo and Danielle had really captured the essence of us as a couple and our company.

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