What better project could Couture Chairs want than a collaboration with a Haute Couture designer.  We take a lot of our inspiration from wedding dresses and Haute Couture gowns so this was a wonderful opportunity.


We were totally thrilled to have such an exciting task where we could fuse our creative ideas with a top fashion designer.  It would be a perfect marriage of all our skills and we couldn’t wait to get started.

The brief was to design and make a chair that could be used as part of a catwalk show in a glorious 5* luxury hotel.  Our designer requested a chair that would be regal and grand and define her unique couture style.

We sketched up a few designs keeping in mind we wanted to reflect the opulence and flow of the stunning gowns.

Finally we selected a design with a gold french Rococo chair frame which looked like a throne.  We hand painted the frame gold which brought out the stunning intricate carving detail.  The fabric we chose featured in the  runway collection and really spoke of the glorious jewels and precious stones that adorned many of the gowns.  We chose to complement it with rich purple silk and plush velvet in black, eau de nil and red.


The patterned silk fabric was pleated to emulate the soft folds of a flowing dress and we used this pleated technique on the front and the back.  This created an elegant look and softened the overall effect. Then for the final touch angelic white pearls replaced piping around the arm rest as a delicate detail.

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