We were thrilled when we were given the opportunity to create two fabulous chairs for Lan Nguyen – Grealis’s book launch ‘Art and Make up’ which kicked off London Fashion Week 2015.

Couture_chairs_2The event was clearly going to be a very creative affair.  We decided to create a flamboyant peacock chair and a floral chair which would complement the beautiful floral arrangements around the grass runway.

The peacock chair had to include real feathers as we wanted the vibrant colours and delicate form.  This was a real challenge as we wanted to create the fan effect we all associate with this bird.  We used gold acrylic peacock feather as a base and structure to achieve the shape and then laid the real feathers over the top.  We sourced a striking blue textured velvet to represent the plumage for the seat and then included a stunning peacock printed fabric on the inside back.

We wanted the floral chair to look like over time it had become part of the garden.  We individually placed colourful flowers on the inside back with ivy entwined up one leg and over the back.

CC040716-0084We placed delicate colourful butterflies on the arm, back and nestled in the ivy.  We then chose a brightly decorative floral velvet and red sumptuous velvet to complement the design.  “The show was absolutely breathtaking and we were so privileged to be a part of it.  The models sitting on our chairs at the end of the show was a real highlight”

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