Monogram Wedding Chair 1

Bespoke Monogram Wedding Chairs.

The monogram is a set of letters usually initials which are combined into a decorative mark that is used to identify a particular person or family. Monograms have been used throughout history for their elegance and simplicity. Early Greeks and Roman rulers used their initials on coins and latterly monograms were designed to adorn banners and armour. In the middle ages artists such as Rembrandt used a monogram to sign and personalise his work but by the late victorian era a monogram was seen as a symbol of aristocracy. Today contemporary British royals use a two letter combination with the groom’s first initial in front followed by the bride’s first initial.

The beauty of designing a monogram for your wedding day is the ability to create something totally unique to you. We were thrilled to showcase our new monogram wedding chair at the Wedding Inspiration day held at Waddesdon Manor. We now offer our bride and grooms the chance to have their own monogram designed or to personalise one of our current monogram designs for their special day.

The bespoke service is great for couples who want to compliment their monogramed wedding stationery or to just have fun creating a totally one off unique mark that represents them as a couple. Our monograms are embroidered locally on specialist Corney and Irish machines and can be created in a vast range of colours including metallic threads. We generally embroider on a high quality linen and again we can offer a range of colours and fabrics. As with all our chairs you can choose the colour to paint the chair frame and we are more than happy to add a bit of glamour with little paint touches such as gold dipped legs.Your chair can then be finished with decorative nails or with fabric piping.

The monogram chairs really are incredibly stunning for your wedding day but the best part is once the day is over they work beautifully as a bedroom chairs ,dressing room chairs or in an office. Once the wedding flowers have all gone and your dress is boxed away up in the loft your elegant chairs can be a forever reminder of your most wonderful day.


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